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ETCETERA 2016-17 Season

(Clockwise from top) Michael Martinez, Carlisle Ellis, David Ragland, Amanda Gremel, Richard Gremel in YOUR SONG IN MY MOUTH at Live Theatre Workshop (Clockwise from top) Michael Martinez, Carlisle Ellis, David Ragland, Amanda Gremel, Richard Gremel in YOUR SONG IN MY MOUTH at Live Theatre Workshop

Live Theatre Workshop’s Etcetera Series Is Back with more original works of theatre


Saturday November 5, 10:30PM
Sunday November 6, 9:30PM


By Diana Lynn Small
Directed by Gretchen Dingman Wirges

Tiffany has a medical condition that makes her smile ALL the time, which makes it difficult for her to communicate her emotions regarding the loss of her home and family due to a fire. Her ex-boyfriend, a contractor, and a blind alcoholic each force Tiffany to deal with how her condition affects her interactions with the world around her.

This play is part of a nationwide game of telephone. It will be the fourth production of the play in which the producing company receives only a video of the previous production and is given the task of creating a work that is original yet keeps the intent and message of the piece intact. This production will be the final piece in Joyelle Bell’s PhD dissertation.



Saturday February 4, 10:30PM
Sunday February 5, 7:30PM


By Michael Fenlason
Directed by Michael Fenlason

Joan is naked - stripped of her devices, relationships, and false hopes, she moves through America hiding from loved ones and other authorities. She leaves messages across the great internet of America in rants and riffs as sacred and profane as the landscape.



Saturday May 20, 10:30PM
Sunday May 21, 7:30PM


By Chloe Loos and Allie Knuth

This original piece of devised theatre uses movement, drumming and dialogue to attempt to pinpoint how we create identity. This show asks the audience to consider what draws people to the groups that create their public identity and how others’ assumptions of one’s identity can shape our own reality.


What is Etcetera?

The Etcetera program creates original performances that reflect the variety of Tucson's culture and population. It is a space for new as well as seasoned performing artists to create original stories, with the goal of unifying disparate populations through shared experiences. Etcetera shows have a short run, typically one or two nights and occupy the late night slot in the Live Theatre Workshop lineup. This year’s Etcetera lineup includes three new works from Arizona theatre artists.


For More Information Michael Martinez, Executive Director

Maryann Green, Producer of the Etcetera Series