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APRIL 23 - MAY 31, 2009

Lemon Sky

LEMON SKY at Live Theatre Workshop

By Lanford Wilson

Directed by Glen Coffman

Starring Christopher Johnson,
Roger Owen,
Kristi Loera,
Allegra Breedlove,
Marina Jarrette,
Ryan Callie,
and Cole Gregory



"His language is rich and forceful, yet conveys a sense of graceful easy and breezy humor." - Cue Magezine

In 1959, at seventeen, Alan (Christopher Johnson) travels from Nebraska to San Diego to reconnect with his estranged father (Roger Owen), now remarried and with two young sons. Two teenage foster daughters complete the new family Alan enthusiastically embraces. Playwright Wilson examines, in this autobiographical memory play, a father and son conflict that foreshadows the changing dynamics and values in the American family and in society at large in the 1960's.







Allegra Breedlove, Marina Jarrette, Roger Owen, Ryan Callie, Christopher Johnson, and Cole Gregory in LEMON SKY at Live Theatre Workshop Marina Jarrette, Allegra Breedlove, and Christopher Johnson in LEMON SKY at Live Theatre Workshop Christopher Johnson and Roger Owen in LEMON SKY at Live Theatre Workshop