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JUNE 24 - JULY 25, 2010


CLOUD 9 at Live Theatre Workshop

By Caryl Churchill

Directed by Chris Wilken

Starring Christopher Johnson,
Elizabeth Leadon,
Carlisle Ellis,
Maxine Gillespie,
Steve Wood,
Clark Ray,

and Chris Moseley



“Intelligent, inventive, and funny” - New York Times

A hilarious take-no-prisoners assault on hypocrisy. Cloud 9 is a whirlwind tour from 1880’s Africa to 1979 London, confronting colonial and sexual suppression with a gender-bent cast of characters who traverse 100 years while aging only 25.

Adult content and language


Carlisle Ellis as Mrs. Saunders in CLOUD 9 at Live Theatre Workshop Christopher Johnson as Betty and Elizabeth Leadon-Soddenfelt as Edward in CLOUD 9 at Live Theatre Workshop Steve Wood as Edward and Maxine Gillespie as Lin in CLOUD 9 at Live Theatre Workshop