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APRIL 3 - MAY 2, 2010


PICNIC at Live Theatre Workshop

By William Inge

Directed by Glen Coffman

Starring Micaela Durham,
Nick Trice,
Lesley Abrams,
Thomas Jernigan,
Kristi Loera,
Michele Loera,
Paul Matlock,
Peg Peterson,
Lucille Petty,
Toni Press-Coffman,

and Brian Wees



In this classic winning love story, what starts as neighborhood picnic to celebrate the end of another run-of-the-mill summer turns into a life-changing twenty-four hours for a group of women in a small, mid-western town.

PICNIC won William Inge the Pulitzer Prize, The Drama Critic Circle Award, The Outer Circle Award, and The Theatre Club Award.


Micaela Durham, Toni Press-Coffman, and Lucille Petty in PICNIC at Live Theatre Workshop Micaela Durham, Nick Trice, and Thomas Jernigan in PICNIC at Live Theatre Workshop Lesley Abrams and Brian Wees in PICNIC at Live Theatre Workshop