Field Trips

Field Trips

Student Matinees

We couldn’t be more excited to announce our 2023-2024 Season! There is nothing like the experience of seeing a live performance, and Live Theatre Workshop has multiple shows available per year. We create thoughtful, entertaining, interactive original plays that are filled with adventure and laughter geared towards Kindergarten – 8th graders. 

Bring your school to our beautiful campus for an experience your students will never forget.

We are located on Fort Lowell, between Country Club and Dodge. We have a large parking lot with plenty of space for buses. Once on our campus, enjoy a live production on our beautiful Children’s Theatre Stage, and watch as your student’s imagination takes flight. And if that’s not enough, we include a questions and answer session with the performers, writers, composers, and technical artists who produce these shows.

Our Student Matinees are only $600 for one of our full productions. Seating is limited, so book early to reserve your date!

If you’re interested in booking a student matinee, fill out the application here.

La Bella and the Beast

by Michael Martinez

La Bella and the Beast is a new adaptation of the classic story that celebrates friendship, family, and joining forces with unlikely characters in order to overcome the impossible. Bella and her Nana encounter a ridiculous prince who has claimed their land as his own and uses his strength to steal the voice of Bella’s Nana. They summon a very silly fairy, La Maga Fantastica, who transforms the prince but who accidentally creates other hilarious problems that literally tie them together. . The unexpected group must learn to work together to save the day, become better versions of themselves, and learn how to match their strengths and forgive each other’s weaknesses. The audience becomes part of the story as this mismatched group adventures through danger, silly scrapes, and problems.

Student Matinees at 10:00 AM are available on the following dates:

January 26th (Sold Out)
February 2nd (90 seats left)
February 9th (Sold Out)
February 16th (Sold Out)
February 20th (Sold Out)
March 1st (Sold Out)

If these dates do not work for your organization, please contact Stephen Frankenfield via email to discuss other possible dates. 

The Big Dipper: Calendar, Compass, and Clock

Created by Lisa Sturz / Red Herring Puppets

Student matinees on Fridays 4/5, 4/12

LTW’s Children’s Theatre partners with Red Herring Puppets to produce “The Big Dipper”. What is the most easily recognizable star pattern in the sky? Discover the mystery and science of the Big Dipper through stories from the ancient Chinese, Micmac Indians, Greek, and Aztec cultures, and the Southern slaves following the “drinkin gourd” to freedom. Combining skillfully crafted marionettes and shadow puppets, we see how the stars can be used to tell time, track the seasons, and find your way at night.

Red Herring Puppets has created a stellar production exploring the folklore and science related to the Big Dipper. This familiar star pattern is seen most of the year by more than half the world’s population and can be used to tell time, keep track of the seasons, and guide our way at night. The show features beautifully crafted marionettes and shadow puppets with tales from ancient Greece, China, the Micmac Indians on Nova Scotia and southern slaves seeking freedom in the north.

Red Herring Puppets is an award-winning professional puppet company located in Tucson Arizona. Lisa Sturz, owner and artistic director has worked with Jim Henson Productions, Walt Disney Imagineering, Lucasfilm, PBS, the Lyric Opera of Chicago and many more.

Student Matinees at 10:00 AM are available on the following dates:

Friday, April 5th (90 seats left)
Friday, April 12th (90 seats left)

If these dates do not work for your organization, please contact Stephen Frankenfield, Assistant Director of Children’s Programming, via email to discuss other possible dates. 

Educational Workshops

Watch your students shine as they explore what it’s like to become actors themselves through our educational workshops. Dance, music, and improv games are just some of the ways your students can tell their story. Let us help them explore their creativity by adding one of our many workshops to your students’ experience. 

If you are interested in booking an Educational Workshop, please fill out this form. If you have additional questions, please contact Stephen Frankenfield, Assistant Director of Children’s Programming, via email.

Artists In Residence

Are you interested in us coming to your school? You’re in luck! We can bring our theatre magic to you! You and your students have so many options to choose from. Whether it’s team building, practicing basic reading skills or growing your students’ confidence, we have the right option for you. We even work with teachers to connect our workshops to their curriculum. LTW has been traveling into our Tucson schools for over 20 years, from preschool classrooms all the way to senior year. Let our team come into your school and enhance your students’ learning experience.

Fill out this form and we will contact you to confirm details.

Booking Information

Stephen Frankenfield – Assistant Director of Children’s Programming