Young Playwrights

Young Playwrights of Tucson

5th Annual Young Playwrights of Tucson Competition

Live Theatre Workshop is happy to announce our 5th annual playwriting contest for all local students between the grades 6th – 12th for the 2023/2024 school year.  Each year through this program we open up our stage to showcase Tucson’s youth and their talents.  From playwright, to acting, and even behind the scenes! 

Rules and Guidelines for Script Submissions

  1. All script submissions are due Friday, February 9, 2024 by midnight.
  2. All submissions must be original stories and can be any genre.
  3. No more than 7 pages with 12 size font. And no more than 8 characters. 
  4. All playwrights must be between 6th – 12th grade for the 2023/2024 school year.
  5. Must have a cover page that includes show title, description of each character, and 3-5 sentences describing the plot. (cover page does not count towards your page limit)
  6. To submit your short play, please send a PDF to Live Theatre Workshop’s Director of Children’s Programming, Amanda Gremel, at
  7. In your email please provide your name, age, school, and the best way to contact you.
  8. Most importantly your name cannot appear on your script.  All playwrights are anonymous to our judges.
  9. We want you to feel free in your writing but we do ask that you keep an eye on inappropriate language.  Any script with extreme language will not be considered for showcase. 
2023 Young Playwrights, Live Theatre Workshop, Tucson
2023 Young Playwrights, Live Theatre Workshop, Tucson