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Live Theatre Workshop
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JUNE 19, 20, 26, and 27, 2015


Walter Temple, Ally Tanzillo, Allison Akmajian in THE F WORD at Live Theatre Workshop

a new work of theatre

conceived by Maryann Green

created by Allison Akmajian, Garrett Larribas, Ally Tanzillo and Walter Temple



In November of 2014, Time Magazine published a list of words that had become so abhorrent to the population of the United States that editors of the magazine suggested banning them. Among these words, amid non-words like “bae” and “om nom nom” was the dreaded F word. No, not THAT F word - FEMINISM. “When did it become a thing that every[one] had to state their position on…?” which got show creator Maryann Green thinking “What makes someone a feminist? Or not? And who exactly is Betty Friedan and does she have anything to say to this generation of women?

From Anita Sarkesian’s death threats surrounding GamerGate, to Emma Watson’s tweets, from man-on-the-street interviews to online comics about unnecessary gendering of products like Lego bricks, from personal experiences to the Why I Don’t Need Feminism tumblr, the creators of the show use every means at their disposal to explore the definition and relevance of the dreaded F Word.

Drama Queen Maryann Green and the cast of the show hope that the show, in some small way, explores varying sides of the issue, and sparks dialogue between and among audience and actors alike. “The last thing I want is for this show to be a left-wing-man-bashing-soapbox-diatribe,” says Green.



June 19, 20, 26, and 27
Fridays and Saturdays at 10:30 pm


$5 at the door

Running time: approx. 50 minutes

To make your reservation call
(520) 327-4242

or buy tickets online


Allison Akmajian has been a Live Theatre Workshop regular for the last season, working with the Family Theatre childrens’ series as well as mainstage shows such as “Move Over Mrs. Markham.” This will likely be her last show in Tucson before seeking fame and glory in graduate school at the Stella Adler Acting Studio in New York.

Garrett Larribas spends his days teaching acting, improvisation and dance with Arts For All, but moonights as a hip-hop god. He was last seen in the Drama Queen’s Fringe Festival production of “For All The Good It Does” and most recently as Prince Hal in the Beer With The Bard pub crawl. Garrett really hopes that his interpretive dance of Michelle Obama’s commencement speech at his alma mater Oberlin College will make it into the show.

Ally Tanzillo has been working with Live Theatre Workshop in one aspect or another since she can remember, and after that nasty bump on her head that’s saying a lot. Her wry sense of humor and priceless one-liners will keep audiences laughing in the face of feminism.

Walter Temple is one of the newest members of the cast of Not Burnt Out Just Unscrewed. He’s terrified of having to “act” in a “real play” and plans to just improvise his way through it.

Maryann Green has been weaseling her way out of the classroom at Rincon and University High School, where she’s been the drama teacher for fifteen years, and into the “fringes” of the Tucson professional and community theatre scene over the last couple years. Her last two contributions to the Tucson Fringe Theatre Festival were among the highest attended each year and she is still reeling, literally and figuratively from her successful pub crawl event, Beer With The Bard. Green sits on the Board of Directors for the Tucson Fringe Theatre Festival, regularly spins yarns with Female Storytellers, and is excited to make her devised theatre debut with the Etcetra program at LTW.