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January 28 - February 19, 2023

Sorry, the final performance of No Other Nemesis has been cancelled.

NO OTHER NEMESIS at Live Theatre Workshop

No Other Nemesis

Directed by Leslie J. Miller
Written by Catherine Oda

Holli Diffin as Dr. V
Amanda Gremel as Space Lady
Gianbari Debora Deebom as Masqueraider
Claire Oda as Toby/Reporter


January 28 - February 19, 2023

Sorry, the final performance of No Other Nemesis has been cancelled.

Show Dates and Times:
Saturdays at 5:00pm: January 28, February 4, 11
Sundays at 1:00pm: January 29, February 5, 12,19

COVID Safety Guidelines


Children: $10
Adults: $12

To make your reservation call (520) 327-4242
or buy tickets online


Space Lady (Karate Expert, Alien, Hero) and Doctor V (Totally Real Doctor, Air Guitar Enthusiast, Villain) are sworn enemies, and yet, they find themselves the only constant in each other’s lives. It seems as if they live in a simple episodic monster-of-the-week series. That is, however, until the Masquerader, a new ruthless villain, tries to destroy the city that Space Lady and Doctor V have been fighting over! The sacred bond between hero and villain will be stressed as things start to get real. What will happen? Who will win? Find out, in a battle of Good and Evil versus Slightly More Evil!





 Leslie J. Miller (Director) is just happy to be here. In the past she has worked with ATT as writer/director of ALICE IN WONDERLAND and THE PRINCESS WHO WOULDN’T SMILE. She directed JACK AND THE BEANSTALK and THE THREE BAD WOLVES. Leslie also appeared in the ATT production of MISS NELSON IS MISSING for which she is sometimes randomly recognized. Leslie studied theatre at College of Eastern Utah in the small, quirky town of Price. There she learned the basics of theatre arts that she still relies on today including the value of a good mentor and the power of true friendship.


 Catherine Oda, she/her, (Playwright/Composer) is a high school senior and playwright who’s planning on studying creative writing and film in college. She’s submitted many plays for Live Theatre Workshop’s “Young Playwrights” (including the first draft of NO OTHER NEMESIS), and her favorites include YOU COULD CALL IT A SPACE JAM, and FOREST SAFETY 101. She’d like to thank LTW for this incredible opportunity, her parents and sister for supporting her in the fine arts, and something else that’s funny.


 Holli Diffin (Doctor V) is a graduate of the Pacific Conservatory of the Performing Arts and the University of Arizona. Growing up in Tucson, she was bitten by the theatre bug early and began performing in local productions at a young age. Some of her favorite roles with Live Theatre Workshop include Carnelle in The Miss Firecracker Contest, Lizzie in The Rainmaker, Corie in Barefoot in the Park, Shelby in Steel Magnolias, Lorraine the Squirrel in Jeremy Frey Kicked a Hole in the Sky, Maggie in Dancing at Lughnasa, Lil’ Bit in How I Learned to Drive, Lucy in Snoopy The Musical!!!, and as Sylvia in A.R. Gurney’s Sylvia for which she earned the 2005 AZ Daily Star Mac Award for Best Actress. Holli feels incredibly fortunate to be part of the LTW staff serving in many fulfilling capacities. She is grateful to work with such creative, inspiring, and genuinely wonderful people.


Holli Diffin, Amanda Gremel, and Gianbari Deebom in NO OTHER NEMESIS at Live Theatre Workshop

 Amanda Gremel (Space Lady) is the Director of Children's Programming here at LTW, which means she gets the chance to create wonderful seasons for our Children's Theatre full of original and magical productions like the one you are about to see. She also runs our Education program which has grown so much over the past few years. She takes pride and honor in the work that her students accomplish each session and hopes to share with all children and their families the joy that comes with having arts in your life. Aside from enjoying her day job, She also directs, does choreography and she also likes to take to the stage from time to time. She was last seen on the Main Stage as Patsy Cline in ALWAYS.....PATSY CLINE, the many Women in NO WAY TO TREAT A LADY, earning her a MAC nomination, Bertha in BOEING BOEING and Chorus in HOW I LEARNED TO DRIVE which won the MAC Award for best Drama. On the Children's Theatre some of her favorite roles are the Cowardly Lion in THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ, the Golden Goose in JACK AND THE BEANSTALK, Merlia in KING ARTHUR, and the Sheriff of Nottingham in ROBIN HOOD.


 Gianbari Deebom, She/Them, (The Masqueraider) is an actor, singer, filmmaker, and director in Tucson, AZ. She has her AFA in Theater from Pima Community College and is currently studying film. Their last LTW show was KILLED A MAN (JOKING) and most recently, she was Katherine, Isabel, and War in FAUSTUS: THAT DAMNED WOMAN at Scoundrel and Scamp. She has worked at many Tucson theaters with some of their favorite credits including BASKERVILLE: A SHERLOCK HOLMES MYSTERY (Mr. and Miss Stapleton), MAMMA MIA! (Rosie), MOBY DICK (Dagoo), VALERIE: A COSPLAY MONOLOGUE (Valerie), SWEENEY TODD (Beggar Woman). As a director, she assistant directed August Wilson's THE PIANO LESSON at Pima Community College and directed GIRL SCOUT COOKIES with Winding Road Theatre. She will have her directorial debut next year with David Auburn's PROOF at Pima Community College opening in April 2023. Enjoy the Show!


Holli Diffin, Claire Oda, and Amanda Gremel in NO OTHER NEMESIS at Live Theatre Workshop

 Claire Oda, she/her, (Reporter, Toby) is Positively Pleased as Punch to be Performing in this Prodigious Production! This is her very first role as a grown-up, having been in a few classes as a student at LTW. Her favorite roles here have been Lina Lamont in SINGIN’ IN THE RAIN JR., and Rapunzel’s Prince in INTO THE WOODS JR. But, she’ll always have a soft spot for her recurring role alongside her sister Catherine* as Shepherd (Non-Speaking Part) in her homeschool group’s annual Christmas play, for which she, every year without fail, fell sick and wasn’t able to perform in. She is so excited to be working alongside people that she’s looked up to for years. She’d like to give a special thank you to Amanda Gremel for giving her the opportunity to be in NO OTHER NEMESIS. She is also immensely proud of the dramatist-lyricist-composer, her aforementioned sibling Catherine Oda (*to whom she claims no relation; any and all potential nepotism allegations are hereby nullified)!


 Pam Franklin (Stage Manager) is so happy to be back at Live Theatre Workshop and so excited for the season to come - both Main Stage and Children's shows. Past favorites include SPACEMAN ZERO, ROCKIN AROUND THE CHRISTMAS TREE, FOREVER PATSY CLINE, TILLY THE TRICKSTER and THE KREUTZER SONATA. So glad you're here! Enjoy the show!




Holli Diffin and Amanda Gremel in NO OTHER NEMESIS at Live Theatre Workshop

 Karin Hupp (Props Master) has been the prop master for over eight years; she also does scenic painting and box office. Some of her favorite projects included the wedding cake for ONE SLIGHT HITCH, the hound from BASKERVILLE: A SHERLOCK MYSTERY, and the cookies from FROG AND TOAD. Favorite scenes she has painted include Dorothy Parker's VICIOUS CIRCLE and the bookshelves in THE COLUMNIST. Karin enjoys working for LTW because it helps her grow as an artist.


 Richard Gremel (Lighting Designer) has been lighting up the LTW stage for the past 15 years. His lighting designs have also been seen on other Tucson stages in the past. He is a graduate of the University of Arizona where he received a B.F.A. in Theatre Education. Richard is the acting and technical theatre teacher at Empire High School. He is the recipient of the 2017-2018 Arizona Thespians Teacher of the Year and the 2018-2019 OnMedia Tucson Arts Hero Award. Aside from tech and teaching, Richard acts, directs, and writes plays for the LTW stage. He currently has ten published plays which have been seen all over the United States, Canada, India, Hong Kong, England and Australia.


 Kathy Hurst (Costume Designer) Kathy got her start with the NJ Classic Ballet Company. She has been the costume designer for Tucson High Magnet School drama dept and has worked with several theater companies around town for the last 25 years. She loves working with LTW and has enjoyed costuming many past shows. This is her first foray into children's theater. What fun!